Saturday, December 24, 2016

Step By Step Guide on iOS TestFlight Beta Testing

In this blog I am going to explain step by step procedure of TestFlight Beta Testing in iOS.

What is TestFlight?

TestFlight was the platform built for iOS beta testing. As we know iOS does not allow any application to be installed our of App Store and earlier to test you have to sync Apps with iTunes and proper provisioning profiles which was hard for newbies and non technical users. So TestFlight made this process simple and built platform where you can do it easily with TestFlight app. Later on TestFlight was acquired by Apple and it was integrated in iTunes Connect. Still it sometimes confuses new user. So in this blog I am going to explain step by step procedure. 

Please note that you should have valid Apple Developer Account. If you don't have one please signup for it. 

Step 1 : Create Application Id

For this go to Apple Developer Member Center. Here is the Link Login here with Apple Developer Account credentials. Once you logged in following screen will be displayed. From here click on 

"Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles"

First of all we will create new Application Id. For that click on it Identifiers ---> App IDs and it will show you following screen. Click on + symbol on top right .

Once you click on + sign following form. Fill up information here as displayed below. Here you have to specify name of app and bundle ID and click on continue.

After continue, it will ask you to confirm it. Click on Register and your App id is created. Here your app id registration is completed. Click on Done. 

Step 2: Create Distribution Certificate and Distribution Provisioning Profile 

Next step is to create distribution certificate and provisioning profile as we need to sign application with it. 

First lets create Distribution Certificate. Click on Certificates ---> Production in the side menu. And then click on + icon on top right side.

It will start Add iOS certificate wizard. In first step. What type of certificate do you need? Select 

App Store and Ad Hoc below production and click on continue.  It will show you screen about creating certificate signing request. Create CSR file as mentioned here and save to your desktop and click on continue.

In the next step upload Certificate Signing Request you created and click on continue. In the final step it shows Your certificate is ready. Click on Done here.

Next we will create distribution provisioning profile. Click on Provisioning Profiles ---> Distribution and click + on top right side. 

It will start a wizard to create provisioning profile. 

In Step 1 What type of provisioning profile do you need? select Distribution ---> App Store and click on continue.

In Step 2 Select App ID, select App Id we created in Step 1 above and click on continue.

In Step 3: Select certificates, select the distribution certificate we created and click on continue.

In Step 4: Name this profile and generate. Give name of profile and click on continue.

In Step 5: Your provisioning profile is ready. Click on Done and your provisioning profile.

Step 3: Configure Xcode project and Generate Build

Next step is to configure Xcode project with provisioning profile and distribution certificate we created. Open your Xcode project. First we have to add your apple developer account in Xcode.

Go to Xcode ---> Preference ---> Accounts

Click on + sign and bottom and select Add Apple Id. It will ask for your credentials. Add  your email and password and Sign In.

Now select your project and in General tab select your Apple Developer Account.

It will download all the necessary profile and sing up your app. Now create an Archive to upload. First select Generic iOS device and then go to Product--->Archive

Now product is Archived.

Step 3: Create Application in iTunes Connect

we will upload it for the beta testing. Login to iTunes Connect with your apple development account credentials and click on My Apps. On the left side there is + sign. Click on that and choose New App. It will show following pop up, where you have to select the app and add necessary details.

This will create App. Now we will have to upload archive we created in Xcode. Go back to Xcode. Select the archive we created and Click on Upload to App Store.

It will prepare iPA file and shows you following dialog. Click on upload here. It will upload build to iTunes Connect.

Once the build is uploaded. It will take some in processing in iTunes connect. That you can select in activity screen. 

Once the build is processed, you have to submit it for beta review. For that go to TestFlight -> External Testing and click on select Add Build to Test.

Select the build you have submitted and add the necessary information on the screens which are prompted. Be specific to each information and give as much info as possible and submit for beta review. It will take couple of days to get it approved. Once approved. Add the external tester and click on Save. All the users will be notified with email and link to TestFlight app. 

Hope this helps you.

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