Friday, December 9, 2016

Digital Brochures For Builders, Real Estate Developers

World is going towards digitization but Real Estate Sector is still not using digital technology at it's best. They are still following the old approach of printed brochures to show their development informations and all. This is not just costing them much but this is no more a convenient way.

When I have a smart phone in my hand why should I carry printed, bulky brochure, that can be mis placed or won't be able to give me all the information I need. Instead of that if we have digital brochure, you can just have it in your smart phone. You can check it anytime, it does not consume much space and will be available anytime.

For the digital brochures, a mobile application is the best way to deliver. If you are in real estate business, then having mobile app for your projects will be one of the best way to market your projects and get more customers. A mobile application with all the features to showcase your project can boost your sales and customer engagements.

Mobile application can easily be downloaded and installed in phone. Your customer can find it and can see your projects. You can send notifications to customers for your upcoming projects. You can show entire gallery of your projects. You can show your project location on map, so customer can see exact location and app can guide them to reach at your project easily instead of manually finding a way.

I will give you more information by giving an example of the app we created for leading real estate developer of Gujarat.

Recently we created Digital Brochure Mobile Application for KP Sanghvi Infra for show casing their projects. I will give more informations about the features we added in the app. You can check application on Google Play Store

1) Show your projects according to category like Residential and Commercial

2) Show list of the projects according to selected category.

3) Let the user filter it based on project status and city

4) Show All the Information about selected project.

5) Show Project Gallery with filter like Floor Plan, 3D Photos etc, Since it's digital photographs, there is no limit.

6) Show Exact Project Location on Map and Guide user to come to your location easily.

So with this approach, your customer will have all your information in their. They can check and share it with others anytime. You can send notifications to customers. 

So go digital with this solution, if you need one contact us at.

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