Sunday, April 21, 2013

TinyMCE Editor Height Issue in ExtJs Application


This is another blog post on TinyMCE editor in ExtJs application, Have you ever noticed that If you use TinyMce editor in ExtJs application there are some issues with height. Sometimes it takes more height then you specified and that might destroy your layout completely. This is due to internal calculations and logic of TinyMCE editor.

The logic is wrong in two ways. First thing is that it always assume that minimum height of TinyMCE editor should be 100 so if you give height less then 100. It will always take it as 100 and hence your layout is wrong. Because outer div of editor will show the height which you gave but it's actual height would be different.

Second issue is that it does not take care of editor's tool bar where you have all the controls. Actually editor's height should be height which you specified minus height of control toolbar. Which actually is not the case. It gives separate height to toolbar. For example if you set height of your editor to 100. It actually set height to 128. 100px height of editor and 28px height of toolbar controls so it's totally wrong. So what is the solution?

Well the solution is in the TinyMCE src file. You will have tiny_mce_src.js file in your app. There go to line no 13301 approximately. There you will see following line.

mh = s.min_height || 100;

This is where the issue is. If you give height less then 100 it will always take 100 as minimum height. So change it as follow.

mh = s.min_height || s.height;

Now it will take minimum height which you specified. Now go to line no 13426 approximately.  Here change the height from

height : h


height : h-28

That's it and all your issues related to heights are resolved.

It took 4 hours for me to find the solution so I hope this post saves your time.


TinyMCE editor in ExtJs Application Returns Old Value.


Finally I got some to add some more interesting blogs. Recently I have faced an issue with TinyMCE editor in ExtJs application. The issue was little wired. We have a TinyMCE editor in ExtJs form panel where it's disabled first. There is a button in form panel which enables. After that if we update any value in TinyMCE editor, it shows on screen but when we get value from form panel, the value of TinyMCE field is always the old one.

After struggling for some hours, I find out the issue. When TinyMCE is disabled, there are no events of active editor. But when we enable it editor should be initialized properly and all the event handlers should be attached. However it's not happening. So what is the solution for it. Change the logic of TinyMCE intilization and add key up event.

setup : function( ed ) {
ed.onKeyUp.add(function(ed) {;

This you can find it your TinyMCEHtmlEditor.js file. What it does is it saves the state of current active editor when we type something it it. This logic works when you have more then one TinyMCE editor in single form. Because when you are typing inside it tinymce.activeEditor gives instance of current active editor and keyup events save its state. So when you getValue of editor, it reflects the new value.

Hope this helps you.