Saturday, December 3, 2016

Employee Tracking Application for On Field Employees - Adsum Mobile GPS APP

Are you facing following situations in your business?

I have on field employees but don't know when and where they started work.
I don't know where my employees are.
I don't know how many hours they are working.
No way to check attendance.
Tired of fake traveling reports.

If you have ever faced one of the above situation in your business then we have a solution for you. 

The Adsum mobile app turns your employee's cell phone into tracking device so you can virtually 'ride along' when they are out in the field. You can track employee time, location at any point of time. This is a web based solution, so you don't have to install any software. You can access this data from anywhere using internet.

The Adsum mobile app has attendance management system with live tracking of employees. You can see when and where your remote staff starts working. You can see number of hours worked during a day. You can see live tracking of user.  At end of the month you have attendance report with working hours that can be used in any payroll system.

How it works?

Key Benefits And Features

1) Real time tracking of on field employee. View tracking on Map along with time and location information.

2) Get real time working hours and attendance report for each day and each month.

3) Real time notifications of attendance marking of employees.

4) Get custom reports like total KMs travelled for each employee.

5) Most accurate attendance and expense report.

Example of Tracking Report

Counter Measures For "Extra Smart Employees"

We know that in current edge of technology, people are smart now. So for those "Extra Smart Employees" we have added counter measures. They can switch off phone for not to be tracked or go offline of Switch Off GPS so that app can not get location. Well, in Adsum mobile app we are tracking all those activities and show you in report. 

In case they go offline, we have added offline storage of locations that will be synched later on to server so you will have all the tracking data.

In case they switch off the phone, we save that activity along with battery percentage so you will that in report. 

In case they switch off GPS, we save that activity and send it to server.

So get this solution for your business and increase your productivity and profit.

For further information, please contact.

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Phone : Vibhay Vaidya : +919920465555 / Rinkal Shah : +919898171728

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