Friday, March 19, 2021

How to solve proxy_fcgi:error AH01071: Got error 'Unable to open primary script


Recently I got stuck with strange bug on centOS server. After I updated document root for my primary domain which has Laravel App installed. 

When we try to access app through domain, we got following error. 

No input file specified.

I initially thought it's the permission issue on .htaccess issue. Tried changing permissions and adding some rewrite rules but it didn't work. When I checked apache error logs. I got following error. 

proxy_fcgi:error AH01071: Got error 'Unable to open primary script

I had no idea how to solve this error. So tried few things like

  • Restart apache
  • Restart php-fpm
  • Restart VPS
  • Removed and added account few times.
  • Disabling php-fpm
But nothing worked. I spent almost entire night in solving this issue but no luck. But finally I was able to solve the issue by following steps. It was actually the issue with php fpm, as it was not able to find out root folder for the domain. So here is what you have to do. 

First go to userdata directory 


Here you will find one file.

Open this file with nano or vim editor and add following line at the end of it. 

php_admin_value_doc_root: { name: 'php_admin_value[doc_root]', value: /home/<USERNAME>/public_html/<DOCUMENT_ROOT> }

Save the file and then execute following commands one by one.

/scripts/php_fpm_config --rebuild 



This will rebuild php fpm config and restart php fpm service for apache. Now in the same folder open 


Change document root here as well and run following commands.



This will rebuild apache config file and restart apache. 

This is it and now if you visit your domain, you will not have the issue of file missing. 

Hope this saves your time

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