Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Add Mobility To Hiring Process and Go Paperless

It looks like mobility in hiring process is going to be emerging trends of HR industry and it will dominate in upcoming years.

The end-to-end recruitment process of a candidate is a tedious one. This further becomes a nightmare in mass recruitment scenarios. To find the right talent, HR departments have to manage interview schedules and gather documents, test scores and interviewer feedback for hundreds of applicants. Collating all this data for each applicant to make a well-informed hiring decision is often a manual and time-consuming process leading to high drop-outs and disengaged candidates.

To overcome this issue, organizations must add mobility to hiring process. Such integrations and delivery on mobile platforms are making the process paperless, convenient, error-free and efficient.

Here in this blog I am going to introduce one such innovate product designed by me and my team which offers solution to make joining process easy and hassle free and paper less.

Adsum Joining Module 

Adsum Joining Module is built for making joining process easy and smooth. With this module you can collect data of candidate in digital format, can send offer letter to them get back signed offer letter and do all the joining process which can is flexible and can be designed as per your organizations standards and policies.

Key Benefits And Features

  • Implement process as per your company process and standards.
  • Allow candidate to upload documents and data in digital format.
  • All the standard validations and security checks are applied.
  • Extensive backend to view uploaded documents and data from candidate.
  • Real time PUSH notifications to mobile app on accepting and rejection of documents and data.
  • Maintain history of complete hiring process both on backend and mobile app.
  • On the fly offer letter and appointment letter generation from template.
  • Create additional forms to fill up from the backend.
  • Secure Cloud storage for all the data and documents.

With this joining module, your hiring process will be much easy and hassle free as all the documents are maintained in digital format so you don't need to store documents physically so you can go paperless. With the web based backend and mobile app you can do joining process from any part of the world.

So get this solution for your business and increase your productivity and profit.

For further information, please contact.

Email : app@novustouch.com
Phone : Vibhay Vaidya : +919920465555 / Rinkal Shah : +919898171728

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