Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Android SDK Missing Google Play Services In Revision 30

Recently I faced an issue with my Android SDK, I updated Google Play Services to Revision 30 using SDK manager from eclipse and after update sdk/extras/google/google_play_services/libproject folder was missing and all of my projects gave me error where I have added google play services lib was added.

Now this is bit strange. I checked my SDK folder and find out that instead of 


We now have


Where we have play services folder, inside which there are various version folders and it has .aar and .pom file. 

I was not sure how to use that with Eclipse. One option was to create jar file form aar file and add it external lib. But somehow it did not worked. 

I am not sure why Google has break down Google Play Services like this. It may be because Android Studio is now official IDE for android development and eclipse is no longer supported. However my problem was still not resolved as I have native eclipse project and in migrating it to Android Studio, I was facing lots of issues. 

Finally I found out solution and that is to switch to revision 28. You can download Google Play Services Revision 28 from Google Repository. Here is the link.


Download and extract it to separate folder and import it to your eclipse project. That shall solve your issue. 

Hope this post helps you. 

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