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After a long time I am writing a blog. Life has been so busy since last few months so I was unable to publish blogs. But I will surely write few useful posts on in coming weeks.

Recently I tried my hands something different tasks. The task which I never thought of doing. But I get an opportunity and I grabbed it. First time ever I authored a book. Recently my book is published. The book title is "Instant Sencha Touch" and its published by Packt Publishing.

This book is for Hobbyist who want to explore capabilities of Sencha Touch without prior knowledge. Also it is for developers, who want to see how what is Sencha Touch is all about and What they can develop with it? I authored this book from my own experience and from interactions with others who asked me so many questions about Sencha Touch.I studied this carefully and made precise plan on what is required for a person who really want to know about Sencha Touch and based on that I authored this book. If you want to know about Sencha Touch really quick, you can read this book. You will learn basics of Sencha Touch, that will help you in building real time applications.

For more information on book. Please visit following links.

Packt Site :
Amazon.Com :
Amazon UK :

I hope you like my book. I sincerely thanks Packt Publishing for this wonderful opportunity.


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