Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Every Company Will be a Technology Company in 2017

Recently I was reading through some tech predictions of 2017 and one prediction caught my attention. It says.

Every Company Will be a Technology Company in 2017

It's very well said. Technology is growing and more and more businesses are adapting technology to grow. No matter what the business or company is, they are in need of more and more technical solutions to sustain in competition and grow the business. In 2011, Marc Andreesen famously wrote a Wall Street Journal essay declaring that “software is eating the world.” Five years later, the five largest companies in the world by market capitalization are all software companies. Today it doesn't matter what industry you are in, how large or small your company is, or where you company is located. Every single company today is a technology company. Whether you are a mining organization looking at automated trucks, a real estate firm deploying an internal social network, a warehouse looking to leverage wearable devices, an agricultural company exploring the internet of things, or a hospital interested in teaming up with IBM Watson, every single company today is a technology company and more companies will be technology company in 2017. 

Today in the era of technology people are becoming smart and at the same time they are becoming demanding in terms of services. You end users will expect and more and more services which can be easily available. They don't like to wait, it should be done immediately. They  want hassle free services. They don't want wait in queue on wait on phone call. If something can be done by sitting at home or through mobile phone, they will prefer it. Today in busy life nobody have time so everyone is looking for a solution and services that can save their time and money. So all the companies must have innovative technology solutions that can make their customer happy and for that they have to go for IT and technology solution. With technology solutions like Mobile Applications and Cloud based services it will be easy to server customer in real time and all the companies will be looking for such solution in 2017. If a company does not adopt technology solution, they may have to lose their customers in 2017. Every company in every industry, from agriculture, mining, and manufacturing to logistics, financial services, and healthcare, will become a technology company. Additionally, every technology company will need a CTO who has a deep understanding of the company’s technological infrastructure, software development, and support needs.

For companies to successfully make the transition and become a technology company, cultures need to change to take into account the unique way that software development works and to highlight the importance of technology and the people who manage and build it. They have to convince their customers about the technology they offer. We have seen certain example where a company wanted to become technology company and implemented IT solutions but it failed to convince customers to use it hence they failed to be technology company.  A company has to create technology driven culture within the company to be successful technology company. They have to hire and train staff to make them understand about technology. Companies need to move fast and adopt agile practices. The pace of technology adoption is getting faster and faster every year. For example, it took decades for electricity and telephones to reach 50% of US households, but today it takes only years for new technologies like smartphones and tablets to reach a majority of the population. To become a successful technology company, company has to invest in technology solutions and infrastructure with proper planning. They have to study market and hire consultants to give them proper directions and build a proper strategy of transformations. Off course this transformation will not be easy also it may end up in mess but a company has to do it. 


The race to become the market leader across a variety of sectors and geographies is speeding up so Every Company Will be a Technology Company in 2017

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