Monday, January 2, 2017

Improve Your Marketing with Big Data Analytics of Locations Visited by Your Sales Persons

Many people believe that great marketing is an art form, but lately big data has added a serious dose of science into the mix. Smart marketers are now relying on data more than ever before to inform, test, and iterate their strategies. Organizations can make use big data analysis and can improve their marketing strategy. By using big data analysis organizations will have clear insight of their sales and its outcome and using which they plan strategy accordingly. They can also predict the future growth using current data and can have plan on that. They will know about clear ROI (Return On Investment). I will explain it by some practical investments.

We have mobile app for tracking sales persons. You can get more information from here.

Employee Tracking Application for On Field Employees - Adsum Mobile GPS APP

With this we get locations visited by sales persons everyday. These locations data could be in millions for each month and years and with our Big Data Analytics and using our Mobile Application you will get following informations.

Most Frequently Visited Areas for Sales

This will give you clear demographic information about your customers, where they are, in how many numbers are they and amount of sales generated from each area. This will give you clear insight about your demographic reach. You can implement future marketing strategies and deploy heavy sales sales force in area from where you get maximum leads. These location based information will be useful for you to target sales in particular area at particular time.

Optimize Customer Engagement

With location analytics you will now that where they are, what they want, how often they make a purchase, when and how they prefer to be contacted, and many other important factors. This way you can have better customer engagement.

Most Effective Sales Persons

With the location data analytics, you will know that who can be your salesman of the year as you know that how many areas a sales person have covered, how many KMs he has travelled on an average and how much sales he has generated from each area. This way you will know the strength of your sales person in particular area and you can define your sales strategies according to that and send your nest sales persons to the area from where you get maximum business.

Manage Your Traveling Expenses

As you reimburse traveling expense of your sales person each day, with this data you will have clear information on your ROI of Traveling Expense. As you will have report of traveling expense vs sales vs areas so you know that from which area you get maximum returns.

If you want this solution, contact us and know more about it.

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