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I am very excited to start this new blog series. In this series I am going to share some tips and tricks I use on internet to make life easy. This trips and tricks comes from my own experience. I hope this will make your life easy.

Tip 1 : How to Book Confirm Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC Website

In this first post I am going to explain some tricks to book confirm Tatkal ticket on IRCTC website. All the the readers from India will know about IRCTC. For the readers who are not from India. Here are some information on IRCTC. IRCTC is the website launched by Indian Railway. This gives facility to book tickets online. This website is splendid and it improved a lot since last few years. Million of tickets are booked through this website in every month and count is increasing each day.

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Tip 2 : Undo mail Sending in Gmail

Have you ever faced a situation where you drafted an email in your Gmail account and clicked on send and suddenly you realized that you made some mistake in mail message or you missed something to attach and if receiver gets this email with problems, you will be in big trouble. That's the moment you will think that, I wish I can take that email back, it may be surprise for you but many of the Gmail users don't know that there is a such feature in Gmail where you can undo sending emails in 30 seconds.

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Tip 3 : Play Offline Game in Chrome - Endless T-Rex running game

When you are too much dependent on Internet for the work so forgot sometimes that your computer even works without internet. So what to do when network is down for some reasons and you don't have anything on your computer which you can use to pass the spare time and cut down the boredom.

Well, now you don't have to worry about it because Google takes care of it. You can play Endless T-Rex running game in Google chrome.

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Tip 4 : Not Sure What is Next In Your Schedule? Use This Hidden Feature of Google Calendar

After finishing some work I wanted to know what is next. So I have to go to google calendar and see my schedule. But then why to go to Google Calendar if you can get details directly in your Google Home page.

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