Sencha ExtJs / Sencha Touch Training

Hiren Dave provides training in Sencha ExtJs. Following is the training content. Minimum days required for training are two days. Course content can be changed as per your requirement.

Proposed content for ExtJs Training

Programming experience
Familiarity with JavaScript, JSON, HTML and CSS

Quick Start
  1. JavaScript fundamentals
  2. ExtJs Introduction
  3. ExtJs Class System
  4. Base Classes

ExtJs Basics
  1. Understanding ExtJs Application
  2. Basic Components (Panels, Toolbars, Window, Grids , Forms etc.)
  3. Layouts
  4. Understand OOP with ExtJs

  1. Understand MVC architecture
  2. Views, Models, Controllers
  3. Understand references
  4. Data classes, Stores etc.
  5. Hello World MVC application

ExtJs, working with Data
  1. Models
  2. Stores
  3. Proxies
  4. Ajax
  6. CRUD with Stores
  7. Sorting
  8. Filtering
  9. Grids
  10. Trees
  11. Charts

ExtJs Production Application
  1. Understand CMD tools
  2. Application Themes
  3. Localization
  4. Building an Application

Sencha Touch Course

Objective : Sencha Touch is the industry leading HTML5 based framework to create mobile web apps and mobile apps. This course will guide user from being beginner to professional Sencha Touch developer. This 3 days of course will start from basics and will cover all the basic foundations of the Sencha Touch and then take learners to advance level.

Prerequisites : Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Course Syllabus :

Day 1 (8 Hours)

Quick Start
  • JavaScript OOP fundamentals
  • HTML 5 fundamentals
  • CSS 3 fundamentals

Since Sencha Touch is built on JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS 3, it's necessary that a leaner should understand basics of Javascript and OOP in JavaScript and should know about HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Sencha Touch Introduction
  • What is Sencha Touch?
  • Why Sencha Toouch?
  • Native Apps Vs Hybrid Apps
  • Device Support

This section will give basic introduction to Sencha Touch and user will have feel of how powerful Sencha Touch framework is and what can be developed with it. Also we will cover about native apps vs hybrid apps and how we can deploy Sencha Touch app is native apps.

First Dive in to  Sencha Touch Development
  • Sencha Touch API
  • Understand Sencha Touch Class System
  • Base Classes of Sencha Touch
  • Working with Sencha CMD
  • Build Sencha Touch app with CMD
  • Understanding project structure

From this section real development of Sencha Touch will start. First we will understand the framework and will go through Sencha CMD, a tool used to create sencha touch apps. How to install and configure Sencha CMD, creating app with it and building application with it.

Day 2 (8 Hours)

Understand MVC structure
  • Understand MVC architecture
  • Views, Models, Controllers
  • Understand references
  • Data classes, Stores etc.
  • Event handling
  • Hello World MVC application  

In this section we will understand Sencha Touch MVC architecture and will see all the components like models, views, controllers etc and how they work with each other and will create simple hello world MVC application.

Working with Sencha Touch View Components
  • Working with Forms
  • Working with Lists
  • Working with Tabs
  • Working with Panels
  • Understanding Layouts
  • Method overrides
  • Buttons, and form fields etc.

In this section we will go through mostly used Sencha Touch components like tabs, forms, panels, layouts form fields etc. and see how to use and configure them in sencha touch application. We will have hands on for each components.

Sencha Touch Data Components
  • Working with Stores
  • Working with Models
  • Working with proxies
  • Sorting, filtering
  • Use of lists, dataviews
  • Ajax request
  • Adding server side APIs

In this section we will cover all the data related parts like working with stores, models, controllers etc and how to use it with lists, data views and how to sort, filter them. Also we will see to call server side APIs and integrate them with Sencha Touch Application.

Day 3 (8 Hours)

Sencha Touch Theming
  • Introduction to Sass and Compass
  • Sass: Variables, Nested Rules, Expressions

In this section we will cover Sencha Touch theming and how to create and configures themes with Sencha Touch.

Native APIs of Sencha Touch
  • Introduction to Sencha Touch device APIs
  • Accessing phone hardwares with Sencha Touch
  • Packaging Sencha Touch as native Application

In this section will cover native apis of sencha and how we can use that to configure sencha touch app as native application and we will also go through phonegap and cordova and see how to build native apps with Sencha Touch.

Wrap up of Course
  • Question Answer sessions
  • Build end to end enterprise application

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