Wednesday, January 4, 2017

FMCG Suppliers - Improve Order and Inventory Management With Mobile Application

In this blog I am going to explain how FMCG suppliers can improve their order and inventory Management with Mobile Applications.

In the past we have built eCommerce solutions for FMCG suppliers and from our experience and research we found some issues faced by FMCG suppliers in their order and inventory management.

No Brand Awareness Among Customers

Most of the FMCG suppliers either supply their own brand or promote some other brands but their customers are not aware of those brands as there is no information available of that brand to customers. Customers do not place order for that brand and eventually brand does not work.

No Product Availability

Customer places an order with certain products but those products are not available in market hence either order is canceled or delayed and customers are not happy. Main problem here is order management is not connected with inventory management. There is no information in low stocks hence orders are placed but there is no stock. Even customers are not ware about delays hence they get frustrated and eventually cancels orders.

Inefficient Distribution of Orders

There is no proper information of stocks in inventory hence orders can not be fulfilled, specifically in case of multiple warehouses. Sometime orders goes to warehouses where items are not available. So order can not be fulfilled or gets delayed as it goes from one to other warehouse. Even customers are not ware about delays hence they get frustrated and eventually cancels orders.

Inefficient Schedule of Deliveries

Customers are spread across various locations but they don't have proper location information hence order delivery is not planned properly and there are no proper distribution routes. Hence cost and time of deliveries in increased which leads to lesser profit and chaos in supply management. 

No Data and Analytics of Past Orders of Customers

They don't have proper data of past orders of customers and there is no analytics so they can not identify target customers for specific goods and items and they can not offer better rates and offers to them on specific customers. 

To over come this issues FMCG supplier can go for solutions with mobile application for their supply chain management and orders and inventory management. With mobile applications orders, dispatch , shipping and salesman there will be significant improvement in their sales and orders management.

Benefits of Mobile Application for Orders

Your customer will use this application for placing orders. Here are some benefits of it.

  • Brand awareness
  • No delay any placing orders
  • Feedback on orders
  • Instant notifications of order status
  • Instant notifications on order cancelation
  • Real time tracking of orders and movement
  • Promotional schemes
  • Orders and items analytics
  • Surveys and polls

Benefits of Mobile Application for Salesman

Your salesmen will use this application to place orders and see analytics. It enables the field guys to effortlessly conduct processes like order booking, payment collections, filing daily sales reports, merchandising operations etc in real time. 

  • Route planning
  • Activity planning
  • Visit reporting
  • Complain reporting
  • Competition tracking

With our solution for FMCG suppliers, you will get following benefits.

  • Seamless visibility on daily product movement including stock transfers
  • Accurate information on sales, collections, sales returns across the distribution channel in real time
  • Shorter order to cash cycle
  • Improved market coverage
  • Analytics like monthly sales, per area, per customers
  • Improved logistics and cost cutting because of route planning
  • Better inventory management with low stocks notifications
  • Better dispatch management

If you are looking for such solution for your FMCG business, contact us now.

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