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Here is something unusual I did apart from programming. My first ever video course "Beginning Laravel" with Packt Publishing

In this course you will learn about basics of Laravel Development. First section is about installation of Laravel. This section will start with introduction of Laravel and installation of Laravel in Mac, Windows and Linux. Then we will cover, basics of Laravel including, understanding of Framework Structure, basics of Artisan Commands, Composer, Core Concepts of Laravel, MVC structure, Database Migrations, Laravel Controllers, Models and Views etc. In last section
We will finish this course by creating simple Web application with Laravel which will have CRUD operations and basic validations in final section, this will help you getting started with Laravel Development. If you are interested in learning Laravel then this is the course you are looking for. You can buy it at following link.

Beginning Laravel Video Course

Hope you will like this course. Let me know your feedback in comments.

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