Sunday, January 8, 2017

Advantage of Research and Development

This blog is coming out of the recent conversation with my brother. He is a research scholar and holds Ph. D. in Environment Science. He usually write Research Papers which are published in renowned Environment Science Journals worldwide. He came up to me and said.

Brother : Hey, today my 10th research paper published in Environment Science Journal

Me : Oh good, I am also an author of technical book. (I authored a book for Packt Publishing) (You know, the jealous factor is very common between siblings)

Me: How many pages in research paper?

Brother: It's of two pages.

Me: Is that it? My book is of 70 pages and it's sold at $10 USD per copy.

Brother: My research paper is published in a Journal which is sold at $2000 USD per copy and it's subscribed by global universities and organizations. 

Me: Ohh Pooh... (Speechless)

Well yes it was a money factor which I was considering but later on I realized that yes my small book is nothing compared with two pages of research paper. It's all about content that matters. A content of two pages of research paper is far more valuable than content of 70 pages of a technical book. Because that content is coming out of hard work, that includes months of research and experiments and lots of other things.

R&D is key factor of innovation in all fields. Without R&D we would not have great things which we are using right now in all the fields. Research and Development plays a critical role in the innovation process. It’s essentially an investment in technology and future capabilities which is transformed into new products, processes, and services.

Research and Development departments are common in many larger companies, especially those working with newer products or technologies. While research and development work can be instrumental in creating new products or adding features to old products, the work that the department does is more complex than simple innovation.

Moral of the story is : Do not under estimate Research and Development and do not show off your work to Research Scholar.

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