Friday, June 2, 2017

Magento Amazon SES - Transactional Emails Not Working with SMTP Pro

Recently in one of our project, we were using Amazon SES service with SMTP pro extension in Magento 1.9. After verification of domain and sender email address, when we to test in SMTP pro, it was working fine. But when we try to send transactional emails such as new order, invoice etc. It was not working. So on debugging we found following exception.

Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region US-EAST-1:

Now that was bit strange as that raised a question that do we have to verify all the receiver email as well and that was practically not possible as in Magento we can have any number of customers. 

So I checked docs of Amazon SES and after reading for a while I got the issue. 

The issue was we have configured three regions in Amazon SES. But we were still in sandbox mode for two regions and mail was sending from the region where we were still running in sandbox mode. 

To solve this issue log in to your Amazon SES console and select region from top left corner.

Once you select region, Go to SES Sending Limits Increase case.

and submit for limit increase. It will take a while to process your request. Once your limit is increased, you will come out of sandbox mode. You have to do this process for all the regions.

Hope this helps you.