Sunday, February 12, 2017

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Must In Business Application

In this blog I am going to explain why Artificial Intelligence should be added in Business Applications. These are my own point of views which I felt after working on many business applications for more than 7 years. You may have different point of views or you may want to add more to this list. Feel free to add comments in case if you want to share more on it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks which normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. So by adding Artificial Intelligence you let computer system to take decisions on behalf of you. 

In this blog I am going talk particularly about decision making by AI in your system and why it's required. So lets understand what is decision making in business applications?

Each business application have it's own set of rules for decision making but decision masking simply refers to take decision in systems like 

Shall allow user to do task or not?
If not then who else will do it?
If the input is correctly processed or not? etc. Like I said it depends on business to business. Lets see couple of example of real businesses to get more clarity on it.

1) Lead Management

From your sales department, there are lots of leads coming per day. Decision on whom to assign lead is taken my managers on considering so many factors.

  • A person have worked on similar type of lead in past
  • A person can handle business volume mentioned in lead
  • A lead is in area which covered by a person.
  • A person is free to take a lead etc..
These are the factors considered by manager to assign lead to particular person. So this is what is decision making.

2)  Online Shopping

If you have shopped online in past you may have realized that when you go to same eCommerce site again it will show you similar products which you have bought and will prompt you to buy it. There are many factors considered here.

  • What types if products generally you buy?
  • How many times you buy?
  • In what amount you buy? etc.
So based on above factors, it will recommend you products and you may buy it.

So this is what is decision making normally in business applications there is logic for this type of decision making. They let system users to take decision and this is good but sometimes it creates issues. Following are some factors due to which you must add AI for decision making in your business application. 

1) People are lazy in taking decisions

This is first affecting factor of decision making. People who are using system are sometimes very lazy in taking decision. They don't care about time. The data is on their dashboard but they don't even look at it and this hurts overall productivity of the system so it will be better to have AI to take decisions. We can write code to enforce all the business rules for taking decision and let the system take decision about it. This will be very quick and easy process as the automated system will take decision as soon as there is data. 

2) People want to break the rules in the system.

This is my other observation. People always want to break rules in system some times intentionally or some time un intentionally. They don't care about correctness of data. They completely ignore it sometimes and that's why overall system breaks down so it will be better to AI to auto correct human mistakes. We can enforce law in code so the system can auto correct data. So even people want to break the rules they can not. System will prevent them and thus overall system is saved.

So it's always better to have AI added in business application for decision making so that no one can break your system and overall productivity of system is increased.

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