Sunday, February 21, 2016

Expense Management System for Small and Medium Businesses in India


This blog is about an Expense Management System developed by us for small and medium business in India.

Automate the complete expense chain from expense report creation through manager approvals to payroll approvals to reimbursements. Spend to reimbursement cycles are faster, process visibility is high, financial control and management control is high and employees are happier.

Our Expense Management System is


It's web based system so it can be used from anywhere and anytime and from any device which is connected to internet.


Integrated company expense policies and custom approval process improve compliance and visibility.


Level based expense eligibility. Set up max limits for each expenses. Employees can take pictures of receipts and create and submit expense reports. Managers can quickly review and approve.

Customized Expenses and Transports

As per company policy you can create expenses and transports. Transports also includes public and private transports. For private transports you can specify rate per KMs to easily calculate cost of traveling.


Customized reports of expenses, which can be company based, location based and employee based. Monthly and Annual reports. 

Automated Reminders

Our system sends automated reminders to managers to approve the claims of employees and escalate to higher management if there is no action taken within specified time period.

How Does It Work

Step 1

First of all we will setup a system with your company's name. For example

We will create two logins for you. 

1) HR manager Login
2) Payroll Manager Login

Step 2

You can login to system and create expenses and transports that you will allow your employee to submit,

As you can see in above screenshots, you can create expense and set eligibility as per various levels and set max limit for each one. You can also categorize it as per city level. You can also add custom fields if you want to gather more information for particular expense from employee.

Step 3

Submit a claim. All your employees will get login to systems so they can submit a claims. Claim submissions are very simple. Just enter dates for the claims and add expense and it's details and submit it to manager.

Step 4

Now manager can login to systems and can see pending claims and approve or decline it.

After manager approves it, it will go for HR approval and then it will go for Payroll approval. Once all the claims are approved a customized report is generated and can be downloaded and be used for payroll processing.

So with our Expense Management System you can improve productivity, compliance and control over business expenses. Easily track, analyze and report on spending.

If you want this system for your organization please contact us. Following are our contact details.

Name : Vibhay Vaidya 
Mobile : +919769955555
Email :

Name : Rinkal Shah
Mobile : +919898171728

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