Saturday, February 13, 2016

Attendance Management System For Small and Medium Businesses in India


This blog is about an Attendance Management System developed by us for small and medium business in India.

Our time and attendance system helps to track your workforce time effectively, minimize compliance risks and make smarter business decisions.

Traditional attendance management system might not just work with fast paced organizations of today. Today’s organizations are faced with multiple challenges when tracking their employees’ attendance. Challenges such as

  • Decentralized data of Employees
  • Multiple Employee Locations and Timings
  • Pay days not calculated properly
  • Unformatted Reports
  • Improper implementation of HR policies like Leaves.

Our Attendance Management System helps you manage these various challenges with ease.The technologically advanced, yet simple and comprehensive solution provides a convenient way to track your employee's attendance and monitor productivity.

What We Offer

  • A Web based Attendance Management System so it can be accessed from anywhere or form any device.
  • Dynamic Leave Policy set up for each company according to their HR policies.
  • Dynamic Leave Credit policy set up for each company according to their HR policies.
  • Dynamic Pay Days Calculation set up for each company according to their HR policies.
  • Various Types of Leaves set up for each company according to their HR policies.
  • Various Access Levels According to Company's Organization Structure.
  • Centralized Data of All the Employees.
  • Support multiple locations of Company.
  • Auto Reminders from System.
  • Maintain your own branding.
  • Customized reports as per company's policy.

How Does It Work

Step 1

First of all we will setup a system with your company's name. For example

We will create two logins for you. 

1) HR manager Login
2) Payroll Manager Login

Step 2

Login with your HR manager login and setup your company. 

We have given various options to configure your company. You can set up types of leave, probation period, leave credit policy, salary date, salary structure etc.

Also you can create branches of your company and setup branch informations.

Step 3

After your company is set, you can start adding employees to system. We have mass import options as well where you can import all your employee data in bulk. Following data we allow you to enter in system.

Employee Name
Employee Code
Date of Joining
PF number
ESIC number
Medical Insurance number
Reporting Manager
Access Level
Date of Birth
Leave Balance
Bank Account etc.

There will be various access levels like Area Manager, Branch Manager etc. All employees will get username and password of portal for login.

Step 4

After all employees are added. Manager's now can fill up attendance of employees who report them on day to day basis or at end of the month and according to attendance entered in system their Pay days are calculated as per the formula and reports will be generated for HR and Payroll to approve.

At each month this will reset and will generate report. That's it and with this system. You can process attendance at single place. No need to send emails and mess up through excel sheets. Also our system can easily integrate with your Payroll and can give you customized reports.

If you want this system for your organization please contact us. Following are our contact details.

Name : Vibhay Vaidya 
Mobile : +919769955555
Email :

Name : Rinkal Shah
Mobile : +919898171728

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