Friday, May 16, 2014

Ad hoc App Installation Failed in iOS Devices

This blog post is about the recent problem I faced in installing Ad Hoc application in iOS devices. Recently I was working with a app where I generated add hoc iPA file for the distribution on registered devices. But some how it was not installed on registered devices. When you try installing application with iTunes, it starts installations and after couple of minutes it stuck and never finish installation. It took some time to figure out the issue so here in this blog I will explain this.

So when you face this situation and if you see the device log you will find following error in it.

install_application: Could not preflight application install

That means something is wrong with installation and most probably it's the issue of the provisioning profile you are using. For that first clean the build from Xcode. Check the device id in list of the registered devices. If it's not there add it and regenerate your distribution profile. Now go to Xcode and select the project and go to general tab. Make sure you have added the apple developer account and selected the correct team.
 Now go to Build Settings tab and go to Code Signing section. Make sure you have selected correct distribution certificate for release and selected correct distribution profile. See the screenshot attached below.

Here if you have selected development provisioning profile and then it will not work so right selection for code signing identity and provisioning profile is must. Now you can generate archive and export the iPA file when you sync it with iTunes it will get installed properly.  Hope this will help you.

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