Thursday, May 22, 2014

Add Buttons on Headings of AngularJs BootstrapAccordion

Recently in one of my projects we were using AngularJs and Bootstrap UI. We have a layouts where we have buttons on heading of accordion and we have to add click events for it.

So we know the behavior of accordion. When we click on headings of accordion it actually expands it. In My case I have to stop and that and invoke button click function. In this blog I will explain this.

Basic idea is to stop event propagation. So when we click on button it will invoke handler for it and and if we stop propagation of event in that function it will not expand the accordion view. Lets assume we have following delete button on accordion heading.

So when I click on delete it should actually remove that record instead of opening the accordion. For that add click handler for the buttons as follow.

     <div style="float:right">
          <button ng-click="deleteItem(item, $event)" type="button" class="btn" style="color: #000"               >Delete</button>

As you can see in above code we have added click event handle with ng-click and we are passing item and event as parameter. Now in controller add the event handler.

$scope.deleteItem = function(item, $event){

As you can see in above code we are using stopPropagation method of event object to stop event propagation. Hence the event does not propagated and accordion will not expand. If you click anywhere else it will open it but if you click on delete button it will not invoke it. Hope this helps you.


  1. change `style="float:right"` to `class="pull-right"`?

  2. Hello, Sorry to point this out, but there's a typo in your code snippet. You should be calling the below instead..