Sunday, July 4, 2021

ReactJs Peer to Peer Communication

Recently I evaluated peer to peer communication approach for one of my project so here I am going to share it and how you can use it in your project in case you want to implement peer to peer communication in your project. 

We used library called PeerJS , it's simple peer to peer built on top of webRTC. For this first you have to create a server, which will act as only connection broker. No peer to peer data goes through this server. Let's just create a simple server.

Let's first install peer from npm. 

npm install peer

Now let's create NodeJs script. 

const { PeerServer } = require('peer');

const peerServer = PeerServer({ port: 9000, path: '/server' });

peerServer.on('connection', (client) => { 



That's is now you can run this script through terminal and it will run your server on 9000 port.

Now let's connect to server from our ReactJS component. 

First lets install peerjs npm which is peer client. 

npm install peerjs

We can connect to server in componentDidMount method and add some callbacks function.

import Peer from 'peerjs';

componentDidMount = () => {

        this.peer = new Peer("USERNAME", {

          host: 'localhost',

          port: 9000,

          path: '/server'


        this.peer.on("error", err => {

            console.log("error: ", err)


        this.peer.on("open", id => {



        this.peer.on("connection", (con) => {

            console.log("connection opened");

            con.on("data", i => {





In above code first function is the error callback function. Second once is when peer connection is opened. Third one is when you receive connection from some other peer and get some data. 

Now let's take an example of how you can connect to other peer and send data. 

const conn = this.peer.connect('REMOTE_PEER');

conn.on('open', () => {



In above code we are connecting to some remote peer and sending some data to it.

Please note here peer to peer data goes through ICE server which you can setup and assign when you create peer server or else it will use PeerCloud server by default. For the development purpose that's ok but for the production you should create your on TURN or STUN server.

Hope this helps you in setting up 

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