Sunday, December 10, 2017

AngularJs - Get Controller Scope in Directive

Recently I was learning AngularJs 5 and where I faced problem. I have to call controller function from directive. After struggle of half an hour, I was able to solve it. In this blog I am going to explain how to do this.

First of all give id to HTML tag where you have added ng-controller directive.

<div ng-controller="MyController" id="myControllerDiv">

Now in directive or any external JavaScript code where you want to get contoller scope, use following code.

var element  = document.getElementById("myControllerDiv");

This will give us that element, we will find it's corresponding angular element.

var angularElement  = angular.element(element);

Now we will get it's scope and using that scope, we can all any function of MyController


This will call myFunction defined in MyController.

Hope this helps you.

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