Friday, January 22, 2016

A Unique Group for Writers, Story Makers, Fiction Lovers and Creative Writers

This is total different blog. Usually I write Tech blogs. This blog is about a group on Facebook.

To Be Continued is a group where we all are here to learn. Learning is the ultimate thing which is limitless.


Let me first tell you the theme of the group. Here admin would start a story of few lines and leave it there. And the members would continue the story in the comment section.

As an amateur writer, I am always looking for other types of writing and storytelling. And of course, different people have different styles. It can be the simplest yet interesting learning process for me and you. Here we all can provide our own taste of write ups, stories (fiction and non-fiction), use of language, use of grammar, and vocabulary.

Here, write ups would be one's own creation. There is no point of copy-pasting the material. But yes, if you find a good piece of writing somewhere, you can post here with proper credit and a clear reason of your posting. But try to be original as much as possible.

Please free to give your suggestions and feedbacks on posts also. After all we look forward to improvement at the end.

Let's take a look at some RULES:

1. This group is for writers and people who are interested in writing. So please DO NOT post any other content which is not related to writing. (Admins have rights to decide whether the post is related to the subject) if found any, Admins will delete the post/s without notifying the respected one.

2. Try to post your own write ups. Try to be original. That's the strongest way that we can learn. And if you are using someone else's content, then you will HAVE TO GIVE A REQUIRED CREDIT AND A CLEAR REASON OF YOUR POSTING.

3. In posting or commenting, you CAN NOT USE languages like ROFL, LOL, BTW kind of abbreviations which are not in dictionaries. If found any, Admins will delete the post/s and comments without notifying the respected one.

4. While posting a write up or commenting, YOU CAN NOT USE OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE. (Admins have the right to decide whether the language or the content is offensive) And if found any, Admins will delete it without notifying the respected one.

5. When you are giving suggestions or feedback, you would need to be more clear with your thought with proper explanation so that other members can also understand your point and learn new things.



I hope you would enjoy your time here.

Happy writing

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