Sunday, May 3, 2015

Laravel App Change TimeZone dynamically


Recently I was working on mobile app where we have APIs return in Laravel. We were handling some date and times on server side. This dates and time from server side was displayed to mobile users. Now mobile users can be in different timezones and so APIs should set timezones and show dates and time according to timezone. Here is how I implemented it. I saved user's timezone in db and for each API request from that user set timezone from database.

First extend a laravel controller with base controller so we don't need to repeat this code everywhere.

class ApiController extends BaseController {
    public function __construct() {

Now go to BaseController and add constructor.

class BaseController {
        $employeeId = null;
              $employeeId = Input::get('employee_id');

            $employeeDetails = EmployeeDetails::find($employeeId);
            if($employeeDetails->timezone != null){
                Config::set('app.timezone', $employeeDetails->timezone);

That's it and now you will have dynamic timezone as per user.

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