Sunday, March 15, 2015

Introducing Tracksum


Recently we launched one other product which is android application. It's called "Tracksum". As the name suggests this is the application used for tracking.

Tracksum is a very efficient tool to let you know about your vehicles driving and tracking. Providing you accurate drove distance, time versus location update and auto check in and check out at your key locations and giving you stoppage times. Really handy tool for logistic companies to have on their vehicles.

As mentioned above you can define routes for vehicles and define key locations. App will notify you as soon as your vehicle enters into that key location and exits for that location. You will also get detailed tracking on map with all the locations marked on map and entry and exit time reports. This way you can accurately track your vehicle and you will have all the information regarding that trip.

As you can see above you can see detailed tracking on map with all the key locations. With this application you get a decent admin panel where you can create vehicles, create routes, define key locations and assign routes to locations.  Also in admin panel you can see all types of reports like entry, exit reports and can see tracking. 

If you want this app you can download it from following link and contact us, we will setup login for your admin panel. For more information contact us.

In short this is an awesome application for any business who want to automate their tracking system. If you want this app for your organizations or want to know more about it, kindly contact us. Following are our contact details.

Vibhay Vaidya : +919920465555
Rinkal Shah : +919898171728

Also drop us an email on following email ids.

Thank you.

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