Sunday, May 26, 2013

Capture CSS3 Animations Event in JavaScript


This is my first blog on CSS 3 animations. Recently I was working on project where I created some CSS 3 animation. It was a sencha touch project, so we have some requirements like when animation ends we have to switch active item on view port. This we can only do in JavaScript and for that we have to capture CSS 3 animations events in JavaScript. So how to do it?

Basically we are going to add event handler. In case of web kit browser this is webkitAnimationEnd and webkitAnimationStart events. Please note that this event will only work if you have used -webkit-animation on the target. If you are using Transitions, there are some other events. I will cover that in next blogs. Check the code below. This shows exact syntax of adding animation start and end events.

Suppose you have html element with id box1 on which you are applying some CSS 3 animation.



Above code will capture animation start event.



Above code will capture animation end event.

If you have infinite animation above functions be invoked every time when animation starts or ends. You also get event object as a parameter to callback function. It contains the target which invoked this event. You can get it using event.srcElement

Please note that above code will only work on web kit browsers.

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