Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Case Study: Infusionsoft API Integration with Magento


Here is another case study blog. My earlier case study blog was on ChannelAdvisor API  integration with Magento. You can read it here . Recently we were working on a Infusionsoft API integration with Magento.

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft helps small businesses in terms of marketing automationThey help small businesses to convert leads, grow sales and save time. They have CRMs which helps customer to centralize all their data at one location which can be easily accessible from anywhere. With their Email marketing customer can create emails which helps them in increasing sales and getting new clients. With their automation customer can create a system which can trigger behavior based communication, workflow  which helps them saving time and managing their sales and marking process.

Also they give nice set of REST APIs using which, it can be connected to ant third party applications and that was main requirement of our project.  Imagine the scenario that you have an Magento eCommerce site where you have thousands of customers registered and you are planning to use Infusionsoft as a primary service for your marketing.  In this case you need something between Magento and Infusionsoft  that can communicate user information.

We integrated Infusionsoft API with Magento registration. So that whenever a new user registers in Magento, their details automatically sent to Infusionsoft database using API. In case user updates information in Magento same  information is updated in Infusionsoft too. In case Admin deletes  user account, that particular user will be removed from Infustionsoft database  too.  This is the complete integration of Infusionsoft API with Magento.

This is very useful in case you have some user preferences in Magento database and based on that you want to send them marketing emails and in many other cases.


  1. Hi, any chance you can share some of that code? I am also looking at integrating Infusionsoft API with magento and not having much experience in either one of them, it has tunred into a difficult task.


  2. I am sorry. I can not share code here.

  3. what is the cost and timeframe then to have you do this.

  4. Do you have a recommendation so that I can have this done? I use both Infusionsoft and Magento, and have been wanting to integrate the API. Thanks!