Monday, January 4, 2010

Exam in Train


This is my first blog. Although I am a technical person but this is not a technical blog. I want to share one of my experiences. I have participated in Visual Studio ALM challenge from Microsoft. Luckily, I have cleared first two rounds. My slot for third round was on 3rd January 5 PM. On the same day, my train was on 11:15 PM for Mumbai. On sharp 5:00 PM, I was ready for exam. However, unfortunately something goes wrong and my exam could not be started. I got a message that you have already taken the test. I was so frustrated. After coming so far if you miss an opportunity just like that how you will feel? After securing a place in top 100 from more than 10,000 participants, I did not want to let got this opportunity. So I sent a mail to Microsoft Officials regarding this. I was not confident that I will get one more opportunity. I waited for sometime for a reply but no reply. So I logged off my system and went for shopping. I came back around 8:00 PM. I have checked my mail, and I am surprised. They have refreshed my time slot, and I have one more opportunity to take the test. And problem started. Now my train was on 11:15 PM. I have to leave around 9:30 from home, otherwise there is no bus or auto I can get for railway station. Exam was of one hour. I booked the last slot that is 11:00 PM. I thought I will leave home early, and if I could reach the station before 10:00 PM, I will change my slot to 10:00 PM. However, I was not able to make it on time I reached on station at 10:30 PM. Now there was only last hope. I thought if train starts late then I can complete test. Train was on the platform. I quickly moved to my seat and started the test on 11:00 PM. However, train started sharp on 11:15. Now there was one more problem. I have reliance data card. If the network goes in between test then there was nothing I can do. However, fortunately this time nothing goes wrong.Reliance Network stayed with me all time. Thank you very much Reliance. I could complete the test. I was very happy. What an experience this was for me. While writing this blog, I have not gotten a result of test. Whatever result may but the experience was memorable.

This is just starting. I will write more blogs, and yes those blogs will be technical blogs.


  1. Great start buddy... Just one thing.. You do a grammatical check with any of the online checkers available.. In technical terminologies, the data is awesome, but the information it derives out of that data can be a bit hazy... ;-)

  2. So did u get thru or not eventually? Also what is ALM - Anti Laundering Money??