Monday, April 3, 2017

Tips for Better Audio Recording


This is again bit different blog than programming. Recently I worked on a video course for Packt Publishing. You can find more details on it from following link.

Beginning Laravel

This is video course where I have to speak and work on computer and my computer screen and audio will be recorded to create the course.  Packt Publishing team gave me good tips and suggestions for audio recording. In this blog I am going to explain some more tips which I used while recording and that really helped me lot.

Tip 1 : Prepare a script and stick it in front of you

When you are doing work on computer and at the same time you have to explain what you are doing. It may be possible that you may lost the flow and you forgot on what to speak. So to avoid this, it's better, you write down everything from beginning to end and put it on paper and stick that paper in front of you while you are recording so either you can simply read from it or in case when you forget something and confused in what you have to speak, you can look into the paper in front of you and start reading from it. If you can stick each single paper in front of you that will be good. This way you don't have to flip paper as flipping paper will also make some sound and that may spoil your recording. For one of the video which I recorded, the script was of six pages and I set each paper in front of me on cardboard so I can easily read it. You can either type the script and take print out or it can be hand written but make sure you have good hand writing so you don't have any difficulty in reading it.

Tip 2: Record after mid night

For audio recording, you need a quite place. Best place is recording studio but you can afford it for small course so either have do it at home or some other quite place. But at every place there is some disturbance of out side sounds. For example I tried a weekend home but it was remote place and there were lots of bird around it so there was constant sound of tweeting. My office is near to highway so there is constant sound of vehicle passing by.  So best time for the recording is at mid night at home around 3:00 AM in night. At this time you will not have any disturbance as people around are sleeping and there is no vehicles coming and even birds are sleeping so there will be a quite atmosphere and you can record everything easily.

Tip 3 : Practice it couple of times before final recording

As a programmer I can write code easily as nobody is watching my screen so if I make any mistake that will be fine. But recording the screen is different scenario. If you make a mistake you may have to redo everything again so it's better to have some practice before you go for final recording. Practice entire flow couple of times so that you will have good confidence. So when you go for final recording, you can easily do it without any issue as you had a good practice of it and you don't have much retake of your recording. 

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