Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Chatbots should be Smarter

Recently I published a blog on Why business will need a chat bot. You can read it here.

Why Each Business Will Need A Chat bot

In that blog I mentioned that this bots need to be very very smart to interact with humans. The algorithms should be powerful to have conversation with humans because humans will do every possible tricks to trap bots and sometime it fails. Survival of fittest, rule of Darwin is applicable to AI as well. Only strong and intelligent algorithm will survive. If you are creating bot make sure you make it really smart, then only it will survive.

Lets start blog by one incident I recently had with bots. I was working with Amazon AWS and faced some issue in it and solved it my self so as per my practice I immediately published a blog and published on twitter. Following is my tweet.

And I got reply from AWS twitter bot.

Technically bot is not wrong as I mentioned word "not working" in my tweet but that was my blog title but it understood as an issue and replied with suggestion so it's not complete fail but as I mentioned bots need to be smart enough to identify what exactly customer needs and reply to it.

Along with Artificial Intelligence a chat bot needs Emotional Intelligence (EI) to understand human emotions. As we move into the future, AI needs humanizing qualities to improve the way it interacts with us, meets our needs for information, and even controls the other technology around us. As AI becomes more ubiquitous, society needs chat bots to become emotionally intelligent if they are to be used to their full capabilities. Humanizing the chat bot is the next step toward a more connected and integrated future. Blending technology with human capabilities such as emotion and empathy can revolutionize the workplace and other facets of life. In my opinion, smarter AI is one of the most exciting prospects of the future.

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