Thursday, December 8, 2016

Amazon RDS Connection Limit Exhausted

Recently in one of our project we built laravel application and deployed it on Amazon AWS and database was on Amazon RDS. In start there was no issue but after some months we had problems with database connection. After sometime laravel app could not connect to Amazon RDS.

So I checked RDS and dashboard and found out that number of database connection was beyond allowed limits. It means connection open to RDS was not closed after sometime and there were lots of half opened connections. That eventually crashing RDS sever and then connection was not established till we restart the RDS server.

So next step was to check database queries and find the queries which are taking time to execute and get data. After looking into all the queries I got the query which is taking long time to execute and that query was responsible half closed or non closed database connections and which is ultimately crashing Amazon RDS server.

So how I fixed that. Well we have a only one solution to speed up database queries and that is


Yes, that 's right indexing solved my issue. There was a table in my database which has 100K records and executing query from it was taking lots of time as there was no indexing. So I created an index on columns which are used mostly for querying that table and after creating index query was working blazing fast.

If you are facing the same issue, better check your database queries and optimize it with indexing to make it faster.

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