Saturday, September 3, 2016

PDF.JS Not Working - Sencha Touch 2 PDF Panel Not Working After Build


Recently in one of my project we were using following Sencha Touch 2 PDF panel to display PDF in native application build with Cordova.

I faced a strange issue here. App was working fine without any build but when I generate a production build and build the native android app PDF panel stopped working and throws following error.

Unhandled rejection: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'viewBox')

I tried to find out a solution for sometime but could not get any. I was using following PDF panel.

Suddenly I saw that there is no update since last three years and that could be probably be the reason. So what I did is downloaded latest PDF.js and built the minified files and used it and bingo it worked. So here I am going to explain the steps.

1) First of clone latest PDF.js source from it's git.

$ git clone git://

2) Now go to the folder.

$ cd pdf.js

3) Install Node.js if its not installed.

$ npm install -g gulp-cli

4) After node.js is installed, install all the dependencies.

$ npm install

5) Build PDF.js files.

$ gulp generic

it will generate minified files in directory build/generic/build/

Copy pdf.js and pdf.worker.js files from this directory to your lib folder and that's it now PDF will be displayed even in testing or production build.

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