Friday, February 28, 2014

Sencha Touch List Accordion Layout (Expand and Collapse Sencha Touch List Item)


Recently I was working on a project where we have a requirement to have accordion layout in Sencha Touch List items. Basically there are few items in list and user should be able to expand and collapse it by taping in respective list item. In this blog, we will see how to implement it.  First set fix item height for the list. For example,

       xtype: 'list',
       itemId: 'itemsList',
       id: 'itemsList',
       store: 'Items',
       itemHeight: 30,
       itemTpl:'<div style="overflow:hidden">Touch me to Expand Item {itemName}'+

As you see in above code we have set height of item to 30 and set overflow to hidden so now you can have big texts as item description that will not be visible completely in collapsed mode. Now we have to add tap event for list in controller.

control: {
        '#itemsList': {
        itemtap: 'expandCollapseItemView'
And the function expandCollapseItemView in your controller.

expandCollapseItemView: function(list, index, target, record, event){
        var fromHeight = 0;
    var toHeight = 0;
    if(target.element.dom.clientHeight <= 30){
    fromHeight = 30;
    toHeight = 100;
    fromHeight = 100;
    toHeight = 30;
element: target.element,
duration: 500,
easing: 'ease-in',
preserveEndState: true,
from: {
height: fromHeight
to: {
height: toHeight

So if you check the above code we are identifying if we have expand or collapse based on client height of the item with the property target.element.dom.clientHeight. If height is less then or equal to 30 which is our item height for the list, we will expand the list item. After expanding list item the height will be 100 next time we will get clientHeight as 100 so we will collapse it to 30.

And we are running the animation with and setting height from small to big or big to small.

With this you have expandable and collapsible list items.

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