Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why a Restaurant Need a Mobile Website?

In this blog I am going to explain benefits of having mobile website for a restaurant.

First lets see what customers wants to see on restaurant websites.

1) Address of Restaurant
2) Phone Number
3) Location and directions with Maps
4) Menu of Restaurant
5) Amenities of Restaurant
6) Deals and Promotional Offers
7) Hours of Operation
8) Restaurant reviews
9) Reserve the table
10) Order online

Above mentioned content is essentials for restaurant to attract a customer. As most of the customer will search for a restaurant on Google or other search engines and they will get a link of website. When they visit the website they want to see all the details and make a decision to visit the restaurant. So if the details are missing customer may not visit the restaurant. Now a days most of the users use smartphones and tablets. A customer can search for the restaurant from mobile and comes to a restaurant site. Now lets see what issues customer may face if the the website is not mobile compatible.

1) They will see information in very small size that is not clear to read and see. For example see the screenshot below.

As you can see above content is hard to read unless you zoom it. Sometimes customer may not like to zoom in or zoom out. If you zoom in, you have to scroll left and right to read the content. Some customer may not like it.

2) They can not see the phone number and dial it directly from the site. This is not good as user may have to remember the phone number and dial it. Instead of this it will be good if user can click on phone number on site and it dials itself.

3) Many restaurant websites are build in flash for having nice animations and good looking content but this may not work on all the mobile devices so customer can not see the site.

4) There is no way to order food online on website. Some customer may want to carry out food from restaurant but they don't want to wait. If restaurant website does not allow online ordering, customer have to come to restaurant, order a food and wait till it gets complete. Instead of this if there is a facility to submit order, they can place the order and come at their connivence so they don't have to wait.

So in short an restaurant now a days need a mobile website with features like online ordering, booking a table, view menu, location maps etc. If a restaurant does not have it, they may be loosing the potential customers.

Contact me if you want to have a mobile websites for a restaurant with all the features. This will surely help to increase your business.

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