Monday, June 20, 2011

ExtJs Grid Paging - Go To Last Page After Inserting New Record


Recently I was working on a ExtJs editor grid where user can enter new row by pressing button in the top toolbar. A row is inserted at bottom of grid and user can insert data in row. When user tab out or click on Save, the data goes to database and grid store reloaded. See the image below.

Now here is the issue. Consider grid page size as 25 and number of records are 35 and you are on page 1. That means you are viewing record 1 to 25. Now when you insert the row and when grid is refreshed, newly inserted record is in page 2 and you are still on page 1 so sometimes user feels that data is not inserted. So how to overcome this. I will describe solution that I have used. There may be other better solution. If you have any suggestion please add a comment.

First you need to add afteredit event in you grid. See the code below.

                                    url : '',
                                        id :,
                                        value : e.value

When you tab out of editor or Click on Save this event will be fired and it will send data to database using ajax request. Now we all know that for paging in MySql we have to use start and limit. For example.

select * from myTable limit 0,25

Above query will give first 25 records. to fetch next page use following query

select * from myTable limit 25,25

here first 25 indicates first row number of second page. So my trick was to return first row index of last page of table in which new record is inserted. Check the following code.

$start = 25;
$result = $start;

$output[ 'success' ] = true;
$output[ 'result' ] = $result; 
echo json_encode($output);

Above code will return JSON data back to browser. Now use that to reload the store. Following code will come in Success methods of Ajax Request mentioned in above code.

var returnValue= eval('(' + resp.responseText + ')');                                  
var start = returnValue.result;
     = start;                                      

ExtJs grid store uses start and limit parameter along with paging toolbar. So trick was to set start in base parameters of grid store and reload the grid. This will lead you to the last page in grid after inserting new record so user can see newly added record.


  1. how to get id after click on update like this:-