Monday, May 29, 2017

Force Quit an App in Mac OSX from Terminal


Recently I faced an issue with OpenOffice app on MAC. For some reason following open office window is displayed every time I open a document.

And then no matter what I do it does not go away. I tried force quit. Tried to close it from Activity monitor but it does not work. So then only option I had is to kill it with terminal. You can use this procedure to kill any unresponsive app in your OSX. 

First of all we have to find out process id of the unresponsive app. Since the app is unresponsive, it must be consuming lots of CPU resources. To find out this, open terminal and type following command.

top -o cpu

It will show following window. 

As you can see in first column we have PID and in second column we have app name. Find out PID from the name of unresponsive application and then type following command in terminal.

kill PID

 And it will kill unresponsive app. Hope this helps you.

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