Saturday, February 25, 2017

Best Foods and Strategies for Eating at Your Computer

This is again bit different blog from my side. Till now I have been writing blogs on coding issues and updates and technologies etc but now I have decided to focus on some other areas like tech humor and other things related to computers and programmers. This blog is about foods you can east near your computers and how to have them so that it does not harm your computer. I am sure you don't want to ruin your computer because of some accident while eating near your computer, as shown in the image below.

This type of accident can ruin your computer and data inside it and in turn it can ruin your work. So better to take care about it. I have been working as a software engineer since last 9 years so sometime I don't get enough time to eat so sometimes I eat while I am working near the computer so some of the tips mentioned here are from my own experiences. By the way I never ever had an accident while eating near the computer and ruined my computer.

Tip 1 : Avoid cold drinks if possible or else be careful

As we all know a cup of coffee is must for the programmers and specifically for those who are working late nights. There are even jokes about coffee and programmers like.

Programmer - An organism that converts caffeine into code

So a coffee is must for the programmer but this is the drink that ruins your computer most of the time. Here are some situations

  • You are looking at your code and are so stressed that you don't even know that a drink is spilled on your keyboard. 
  • Sometimes after having a sip when you are putting it back, but you are still looking at your screen an boom, accident can happen. 
  • Sometimes if drink is cold or you just took it out of the fridge, there is a water at outer layer of container and its dropping when you are holding in your hand

So there are many ways a drink can ruin your computer so be careful while using it. As mentioned earlier

  • Look at when you are taking it for a sip and putting it back.
  • Avoid cold drinks and if you are having it make sure you sip it from distance.
  • Keep the cold drinks away from your computer.

Tip 2 : Avoid food with sprinkles or garnishing and sauces

There are foods like potato chips or pea nuts or say cashews which has sprinkles of spices on top of it. When you eat it with your hand, some of the sprinkles will remain in your finger tips and when you touch key board with it, will make your keyboard dirty. Either you have to wipe out the keyboard or wipe out your hand every time and that will not just delay your work but it will also break your concentration so better to avoid this types of food. You can have plain food without any sprinkles on top of it. Also you can avoid foods with sauces as there is possibilities of dropping sauces on keyboard while you are eating it so better to avoid it. Avoid the foods that creates mess around your computer.

Tip 3: If you are having fruits, avoid juicer fruits and cold fruits

Fruits are the best things to eat near the computer because most of the fruits like grapes and bananas you can eat with your hands and there is no possibilities of spilling. However some juicer fruits should be avoided as there may be possibility of spilling of juice on keyboard. At the same time avoid fruits that just came out of refrigerator as that has water coating on surface and it will make your finger tips dirty and eventually will make your keyboard dirty. Do not eat fruits juiciest fruits like water melons, Oranges etc. 

Hope this tips helps you and save your computer.

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