Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sencha Touch Hide Pickers on Android Back Key Press


I recently published an article about hiding sencha touch Message box on press of back button in android. You can read it here Sencha Touch Hide Alert Box on Android Back Button Press

This post is something similar to it. Recently we created an android application with Sencha Touch and Cordova for client. After testing, client came up with requirement that if any picker is open for example calendar picker or select field picker etc. It should be closed on press of back button in android. So after efforts of half an hour, I found a solution. 

In Sencha Touch pickers are basically floating panels. So what we have to do it get all the floating panels and see if it's hidden or not. If not hidden then hide it.

First of all you have to bind back button event of android using cordova. Please check this cordova document on how to do this here.

Once you add backbutton listener, add following code.

var floatingComponents = Ext.query('.x-floating');
for(var i=0;i
var component = Ext.getCmp(floatingComponents[i].id);
if(component.isHidden() == false){

As you can see in above code, first we are finding all the floating component using Ext.query and class x-flaoting

Then we loop through it and find component using id of floating component and check if component is not hidden then hide it and return from there. 

Hope this helps you.

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