Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why you should upgrade to Magento 2.0

Magento is the recognized as the leading eCommerce platform for open commerce innovation with over $50B in gross merchandise volume transacted on the platform annually. 

Key features of Magento 2.0

Performance & New Technology:
  • Magento 2.0 is 20% faster than old 1.x versions.
  • A new flexible architecture built on a modern technology stack making it quick to build new sites embracing the latest technology.
Better Security:

  • This latest Magento version supports some steps to deal with server validation. Your online store will get better security.
Improved checkout process:
  • It is no secret that most merchants modify default 6 step checkout to make it easier for the customers. Magento 2.0 addresses this issue with its Shipping & Payment checkout flow. It makes it easy to purchase now and it increases conversation rates.

Improved backend processes:
  • Magento 2.0 makes it easy to add/edit your products, manage orders and customers. You can now change backend grids manually by adding/removing columns. Ajax (without page refresh) requests now all over Magento 2.0 backend. 
 A Countdown for Magento 1.X Support
  • Magento will provide its Magento 1 support until 2018.

Easy to Upgrade
  • Simplified upgrade process our merchants an easier path to the latest version of Magento without costly and complex upgrades. 


  •  Automated testing to improve code quality which in itself speeds up time to market for new site builds and changes.

If you planning to upgrade by yourself, Unless you are experienced Magento developer do not do that! You would ruin your online business and would most probably loose some crucial customer data along the way. Migration would involve data, theme, extensions and customizations transfer that require extensive code knowledge to perform bug-free. 
Plan your migration ahead for Magento 2 upgrade at fair price

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