Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Introducing Tagsum - GPS Location Tagging


This blog is about my company's product. After we introduced following two products.


Here is our next product Tagsum - GPS Location Tagging. This app is helpful in tagging the required location with exact latitude and longitude.

This app is helpful in tagging the required location with exact latitude and longitude of the desired location. Very useful app for field survey in remote locations. You don't need special GPS devices to locate locations now. If you have smart phone just install this app and use it. It uses standard GPS services so you get very accurate locations. Locations added with this app can be downloaded in excel files later from admin panel.

Also in admin panel you can create routes with tagged location and can plot path on Google map with standard markings.

Also you can preload your locations in app and tag it with latitude and longitude from the application. So you can update your locations or add new locations.  This application can be used in various domains and fields like.

Field Survey
Geological Survey
Map building.
City Paths Creation etc..

Major benefit of our app is that you will get admin panel where you can maintain your app users, you can add/update/delete users, can see tagged locations, can create add new locations for tagging, can create paths. When you create path it will also calculate total kms for the path. This gives you much more flexibility. Your data will be confidential and only you can see that in admin panel.

So if you need this app please install app from Google Play Store. App is available from following link.

And get back to us for admin panel access.

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