Monday, April 21, 2014

Cordova build JAR File From Source Code (For MAC OSX only)

As we know that now Cordova only support command line interface. Earlier with download you get cordova.jar file, that you can directly import to eclipse project and create android cordova file. Now with new download you only get source code, you have to manually generate cordova.jar file and import to eclipse. In this blog I will explain you the steps. First download Cordova source code from the Download.

Extract the content on the desktop. Now you will need following two things.

Apache Ant 1.8.0 or greater
Android SDK which you can download from Android Developer Portal

Download and extract SDK to desktop. Now we will install apache ant. Open the terminal and run following command.

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

After homebrew is installed we will install ant.

brew install ant

Now ant is installed, we will configure modify paths in bash profile file for android SDK. Run following command in terminal

nano ~/.bash_profile

Go to and of the file and paste following code.

export PATH=/Users/yourusername/Desktop/adtdirectotyname/sdk/tools:$PATH

Click Control+X, Y, Enter. It will save your new file. Now go to your Cordova source code and go to cordova-android/framework and run following command.

android update project -p . -t android-19
ant jar

And it will generate cordova .jar file in the framework folder, you can use that file in your eclipse.

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