Friday, January 31, 2014

Convert your Magento Store to Mobile Store and Mobile Web Application (Magento Mobile)

Do you have a Magento store and you want to reach to maximum number customers? Then read this blog.

As we know that mobile revolution has changed the world. Number of people are using smart phones and tablets now a days for day to day work. They use mobile internet for almost everything. So your customers may browse your magento store from mobile devices and if your store is not optimized for mobile, it may not load on mobile, or have some issue. Hence users may not be able to buy products on your store and eventually you lost your customer. Now lets see in details, why you need separate mobile web app for your store.

1) Limited Screen Size

On mobile devices screen size is limited so we don't get much space like desktop computers to show data. In very small space you have to effectively show the content to user so user can easily read it and see it. Many magento stores have this issues. As the site is optimized for desktop only, so the content is not visible properly.

2) Limited BandWidth

Generally mobile networks are slow you your magento store may take time to load. As we know that for each magento page there are some CSS some JS files. There are plenty of images, banners etc. Every time when user navigate on your magento store there is considerable delay in loading resources of the page. This may slow down performance on the mobile devices. Some of the users don't like slow websites.  If we use responsive mobile theme, we can improve the layout performance but still we have delay in page refresh

3) Different Resolutions

As we know that there are mobile devices with different screen resolutions. For example iPhone has high resolution retina display. Some of the android phones also support HD graphics. While some mobiles does not support HD graphics. In this scenario your assets like images, CSS should support high resolution and normal resolution. So if you don't support high graphics, your website does not look good on high resolution devices.

So how to solve all above problems and optimize your magento store for all the mobile devices? We have a solution for that. We have built an JavaScript/HTML 5 /CSS 3 based application for magento stores. This application has following features. With our solution your magento store is easily converted to Magento Mobile Store.

1) Responsive layout to fit all the devices.
2) Support all types of touch gestures
3) Show resources based on resolution
4) Rendering engine to support landscape and portrait orientation
5) Have services to load data instead of page refreshes.
6) Supports private browsing
7) Slide navigation for menus
8) Support for local storage of data
9) Supports all types of magento products
10) Customized from same magento admin
11) Optimized for best speed and performance.
12) Rich user interface

Our solution is completely build in HTML and JavaScript. So once the application is loaded. There is no page refresh. All the navigation is local navigation. Data is coming via Ajax request with JSON format. It drastically reduces the network usage. It uses space such a way that you will see the clear information about products and content.

Don't believe it? See the difference
This is our recent implementation in one of the biggest magento store. Following is the regular desktop site in iPhone.

As you see that it looks bit cluttered in iPhone. None of the content is visible unless you zoom in. So to read the content properly, you have to zoom in and zoom out. After zoom in you have to scroll left and right to see the content properly.Now lets how our mobile web app for magento looks in mobile browser.

Pretty cool right? With our application your magento store look like mobile web application in mobile phones and users have easy to use navigation, clear content, rich media, high resolution graphics, high performance. When you implement our solution, your users will still see the desktop site when they view it on desktop browsers. But they will see above mobile app when they visit your store from mobile browser.

Want this app for your magento store? Contact me right away.

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