Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cordova (Phonegap) 2.0 In Android 4.1 Jelly Bean XMLHttpRequest Could not Load Error


This is short and quick blog on cordova and android Jalley Bean issue. Have you ever encountered error "XMLHttpRequest Could not Load" while working with Android 4.1 Jalley Bean? Complete error is XMLHttpRequest Could not Load, origin null is not supported.

First when I get this error, I thought it's a cross domain issue, but it's not. When you are using cordova all your JavaScripts are loaded by file:/// protocol. So it really does not matter if we use Ajax or JsonP request. Because there is nothing like domain here. So what really is the issue?

While debugging for this error I noticed in my chrome developer tools that, it's trying to fire an XMLHttpRequest on my local machine and that XMLHttpRequest was initiated by some cordova functions. and that was using localhost url which does not exists. So it was breaking the whole app.

How to get rid of this? While debugging I found that this XMLHttpRequest was initiated by polling function of cordova. Cordova has polling mechanism to get response from native API calls. In my app, there wasn't any native API call so I disabled the polling. Find the following line in your cordova file.


and set it to false as follow.


That's it and there will not error on XMLHttpRequest.

Hope this helps you.

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  1. Nice post... I am facing the similar issue but unfortunately in my cordova.js file, usePolling is already set to false and still I get this error!!!